Calligrammes - Celestial Mechatronics

Oct 21, 2020: Calligrammes is now published by Gehrmans.
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 Audio - Swedish Radio Choir, Peter Dijkstra, Åsa Unander-Scharin, Ludvig Elblaus, Carl Unander-Scharin
Calligrammes was selected as the highlight of the full 2016/ 2017 season in the Berwaldhall - when the concert venue published highlights from its´40 years of existance. (See attached image below)

"Mer 2000-tal klingar det om Carl Unander-Scharins svängigt surrealistiska dubbelkör ”Mutations” (Camilla Lundberg i DN - FSTs 100-års konsert)
Calligrammes was chosen by the Swedish Broadcasting Union to represent Sweden in Prix Italia, 2018. See booklet below (attached)
PDFs of the music attached below
PDF of the booklet from the first performance, attached below
Link to VIDEO documentation from premiere, May 2017
Link to Berwaldhall
Symfonisk dikt för kör, solister och teknologi
Musik: Carl Unander-Scharin, 2016-2017
Text: Guillaume Apollinaire
Interaktion och koncept i nummer 1a, 4, 6 och 7b: Carl Unander-Scharin, Åsa Unander-Scharin, Ludvig Elblaus
1a. Prolog. Dans och Observers.
1b. Paysage - Fumées. 32-stämmig kör.
2. Un Oiseau chante. 16-stämmig kör
3. Ombre. 8-stämmig kör
4. Liens. 12 solister. Interaktiva linor - Gigantic Vocal Chorder.
5. Mutation. Dubbelkör.
6. Il Pleut. Tenorsolo och The Throat.
7a. Le Chant d´Amour. 16-stämmig kör.
7b. Epilog. Interaktion, dans, Observers, kör, Gigantic Vocal Chorder
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