Carl Unander-Scharin: Upcoming performances

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Upcoming performances, 2019 (For 2014 see here, for 2015 see here, for spring 2017 see here, for fall 2017 see here, for 2018 see here)

February, 17: Puccini: Tenor parts performed by Carl in Messa di Gloria, Oscarskyrkan, Stockholm

February 23+24: Carl´s motet "Djupt under dagens yta" to be performed by Capella SF in San Francisco Link

March 21: Scene from Carl´s opera "Tokfursten"/ The King of Fools, to be premiered (new version) in the Stockholm Konserthusert Link

April 4: ReCallasMedea: work-in-progress presentation of new work in HNK Zajc, Croatian National Opera house in Rijeka, Croatia. 

April 11: Pärt Passio: Tenor part performed by Carl in Kristi Konungens Katolska kyrka, Gothenbrug Link 

April 13: Bach St John passion: Tenor arias and evangelist performed by Carl in Storkyrkan (The Stockholm Cathedral) 

April 14: Mendelssohn Lobgesang: Tenor arias performed by Carl in Uppsala Cathedral.

April 17: Bach St John Passion: Tenor arias and evangelist performed by Carl in Solna Kyrka

April 18 and 19: Bach St Matthew passion: Evangelist performed by Carl in Engelbrektskyrkan. 

May 6+7: Excerpts from ReCallasMedea performed at CHI Glasgow, Scotland. 

May 19+20: Handel Messiah conducted by Carl and performed by students from Ingesund School of Music. Gunnarskogs Kyrka and the Cathedral of Karlstad, Sweden. 

Images of Carl (and various colleagues)

RECORDINGS: Audio and video from Carl´s perfomances and recordings: 

Carl Unander-Scharin sings "Domine Deus" from Petite Messe Solenelle (Rossini) Live 2013 VIDEO

Trailer Matthew Passion, 2013 (in Swedish) VIDEO

Carl Unander-Scharin performs Handel: Comfort Ye & Every Valley (from Messiah) Live 2012 VIDEO

Carl Unander-Scharin and Elin Rombo sing the love duet from Bizet´s The Pearfishers, live on TV4

Carl Unander-Scharin performs in Mahler Symphonie no 8 "Höchste Herrscherin der Welt", live 2012. 

Carl Unander-Scharin sings Handel: Thou shalt break them (from Messiah) Live 2012

Carl Unander-Scharin sings Bach: Ich will bei meinem Jesu wachen (from St Matthewpassion) Live 2012 VIDEO

Carl Unander-Scharin sings Handel: Thy Rebuke/ Behold (from Messiah) Live 2012

Carl Unander-Scharin sings Handel: Ombra mai Fu (Electronic Opera Version) 2007 VIDEO

Carl Unander-Scharin sing Berceuse by Godard (from Jocelyn) Live 2004 VIDEO

Carl Unander-Scharin sings Orlando Gibbons: The Silver Swan (Electronic Opera, performed with The Throat III)

Carl Unander-Scharin sings from Bach Christmas Oratorio: Und Gott Befah  Nun mögt ihr Stoltzen. LIVE 2008 

Carl Unander-Scharin sings Mozart: Dies Bildnis ist Bezaubernd schön (Tamino/ Zauberflöte)

Carl Unander-Scharin sings Rossini: Ecco Ridente in Cielo (Almaviva/ Barbiere) Live 2002

Carl Unander-Scharin sings Monteverdi: Possente Spirto (from Orfeo)

Carl Unander-Scharin sings Bach kantata

Carl Unander-Scharin sings Nadir from The Pearlfishers (Live on TV) 2009 VIDEO

Carl Unander-Scharin sings Nadir live on stage VIDEO

Elin Rombo and Carl Unander-Scharin sing the love duet from The Pearlfishers live on stage 2009 VIDEO

Jeremy Carpenter and Carl Unander-Scharin sing the Zurga Nadir duet from The Pearlfishers live on stage 2009 VIDEO

Carl Unander-Scharin sings Berlioz. 

Carl Unander-Scharin sings Carl Unander-Scharin 

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