Opera Mecatronica

Carl Unander-Scharin is  working on new concepts of interaction between movement, electronics, voice, machines and mechanics. During November and December 2010, the exhibition Opera Mecatronica was housed at KTH R1. 

 This ongoing investigation will be documented on this page. Some mecatronics are part of works, described on other parts of this website.

At the age of 15, Carl constructed the synthesizer "Osiris" based on a chip from Texas Instruments. This instrument is lost, and in case you have any idea of its wherabouts, please send a mail via the forums.

 At the age of 16, Carl constructed the electric bass "thumb" and also an incomplete keyed harp.

 Research moved into the digital arena in the 90s when the radio-opera "Man on the Hill-side" introduced live-playable patches for the EPS. Later on these re-appeared in the opera "King of Fools" now migrated into an ASR-88.

 In collaboration with Åsa Unander-Scharin and Mateusz Herzcka, the idea of charged room was exploited - in the works "Dance Djs" and "Patterns, Thoughts and Empty Spaces" and "The Crystal Cabinet".


To the work "Qivittoq" Carl Unander-Scharin introduced two new concepts, in collaboration with Åsa Unander-Scharin:

The Virtual Viola da Gamba

and the "127-tone machine".


The award-winning dancework/ Mecatronic "The Lamentations of Orpheus" by Åsa Unander-Scharin, used a recording when Carl Unander-Scharin sings music by C Monteverdi. The dance is performed by an ABB irb1400 Robot, and can be seen here.

This work marked the start for the ongoing cooperation between Åsa Unander-Scharin and Magnus Lundin and Carl Unander-Scharin. 

 This collaboration has as resulted in three more custom built robots.

"The conductor" who sings and dances to music by Carl Unander-Scharin (choreographed by Åsa Unander-Scharin.

"Petrusjka´s Cry", music by Carl Unander-Scharin, choreographed by Åsa Unander-Scharin. Awarded the Audience prize in the VIDA 9.0 contest in Spain. In Feburary 07 it was exhibited in Madrid and seen by over 43000 people.

"Olimpia", the giant marionette robot, that was premiered during Opera Mecatronica in november 2010. 

In the work "Hybrid", Carl Unander-Scharin introduced the "Throat", a wearable vocal controller.

Ombra Mai Fu is a famous aria by Handel from the opera Xerxes. This is an installation created inspired by this aria. It has been exhibited in Piteå Acusticum and Gothenburg Opera House. 

In "I sing the Body Electric!" Carl Unander-Scharin initiated the construction and building of the "Vocal Harp/MIDI-harp" which can be seen on images. It was later also used in "Navigation" - an interactive exhibition by Åsa Unander-Scharin at Malmoe konsthall, May 2004. Navigation is currently touring Sweden.

 Swedish Cultural minister Leif Pagrotsky inaugurated the Stockholm New Music festival 2005, when performing an interactive piece in the "Vocal Harp/MIDI-harp". His speech can be read here.

 For "The Elephant Man" a third version of "The Throat" was developed. See a short documentation here.