Figurer i ett Landskap/ Figures in a Landscape

Song cycle for Radio. For 10 singers/artists from different singing and speaking traditions. Commissioned by the Swedish Broadcasting union. Composed in 1996 and 1997. First performance in 1997.

Example of "Virtual a capella"

CD Booklet - describing the unusal compositional method

Texts by Ingamaj Beck

Piano on The Stone Oak: Mårten Landström

Soundtechnicians: Maurice Mogard and Anders Hörling

Producer at Swedish Broadcasting Union: Sven-Åke Landström

Recorded at St. Johns Church, Stockholm; at EMS, Stockholm; at studio Området, Stockholm

• The Man with The Scythe was chosen to represent contemporary music on the CD accompanying the year book from Swedish Radio, 1998.

ARTISTS/SINGERS and Parts in the work

1. Introitus (all) La poetessa: Ingamaj Beck
2. Stenens Hjärta/The Stone Oak: Dalila da Silva Costa
3. Klätterbaronen/The Climbing Baron: MA Numminen
4. Grottbjörnen/The Cave Bear: Karl-Magnus Fredriksson
5. Budbäraren/The Messenger: Lisa Gustavsson
6. Steneken/The Stone Oak: Erik Saedén
7. Burfågeln/The Caged Bird: Marika Lagercrantz
8. Ariel: Jörgen Lantz
9. Mannen med Lien/The Man with the Scythe: Rogelio de Badajoz Duran
10. Berget/The Mountain: Carl Unander-Scharin
11. Laudes (all)

 Audio Samples

Pressklipp (in Swedish)