The Insomnia Clinic/ Sömnkliniken

Opera in two acts with text by Alexander Ahndoril. Composed in 2008 and finished in 2009. Commissioned by The Gothenburg Opera House. 

Link to information on the Gothenburg Opera Site. (Added Feb 19, 2014)

Two acts, and a total playing time of 130 minutes.

For 7 soloists, and an orchestra consisting of 11 musicians. The Opera utilizes "The Throat" in order to create interactive accompaniment for the Dream scenes.  (See attached score).

Review on SVT - Kulturnytt, by Camilla Lundberg



Published by Electronic Opera Publishing 


Audio Documentation:

Isabella: AnnChristin Larsson

Gunnar: Mats Persson

Jim: Karl Rombo

Doktor Grind: Peter Loguin

Otto/ Jesper: Linus Flogell

Patricia/ Lotta: Susanna Sundberg

Liselott/ Maria-Lucia: Erika Andersson


Dirigent: Martin Andersson

GöteborgsOperans Orkester