The Crystal Cabinet

‘The Crystal Cabinet’ is a dream play that, inspired by ideas from the prophet William Blake, claims that visionary creative thought is the only way to avoid global environmental destruction. The composer Carl Unander-Scharin, the director Keith Turnbull and the choreographer Åsa Unander-Scharin have written the libretto, that is based on poems and visions by Blake. Together with the video artist team of Lene Juhl and Mark Viktov, they have created a musical story that addresses the most pressing prophecy of our time, the doomsday that is approaching in the form of climate change, melting polar ice caps, and storms of Biblical proportions pounding our shores. •A chamber opera with a drastic solution to the world’s environmental problems.• The Crystal Cabinet is an integrated opera, dance-work and video-work. It is written for 3 singers (soprano, tenor, bass) and two singing dancers (mezzo and baritone). The whole work is performed in English. Orchestra is formed by Fl/Clar/Horn/Percussion/Keyboards/Violin/Viola/Cello/DoubleBass. Three of the scenes are interactive, and utilizes videocamera and computers - that in connection to the choreographed movements create the music for these scenes. • Music is published by Electronic Opera Publishing. Casting in first performance/ production, october 2008:Director Keith Turnbull / Composer Carl Unander-Scharin / Choreographer Åsa Unander-Scharin / Conductor Mats Rondin / Video art Lene Juhl, Mark Viktov / Costumes Katarina Wiklund / Norrbotten NEO / Singers Kristina Hansson, John Erik Eleby, Johan Christensson / Dancers; singers Claudine Ulrich, Jan Vesala






• Printed Music:The Crystal Cabinet is published by Electronic Opera Publishing. For more details contact

• Carl wants to thank John Pelham for invaluable help with this work.

• The initial work between Åsa Unander-Scharin, Lene Juhl, Mark Viktov and Carl Unander-Scharin was funded by Nordic Culture Point/ Kulturkontakt Nord

• The Crystal Cabinet was a commission from Piteå Chamber Opera, who produced the first production. Carl wishes to thank Kjell Englund, Shauna Adams, Petter Sundqvist for all their work.