Extending Opera - THESIS


Thesis - can be downloaded here contains clickable links to audio and video

Thesis Playlist (contains links in order to simplify the reading of the thesis in the printed version)

Information about the forthcoming Public Defence (Spikblad) - attached below (Please note: new venue as of Dec 17 - due to the large interest in attending the Thesis Defence)

Performers in the "Extending Opera Performance", on January 29, 10.30 am: (Public Dress rehearsal Wednesday, Jan 28, 6 pm). In collaboration with Åsa Unander-Scharin, Ludvig Elblaus, Jimmy Svensson and Leif Handberg.

Henriikka Gröndahl, Soprano/ Throat III

Lisa Gustafsson, Soprano/ Vocal Chorder

Staffan Liljas, Bass/ Throat III and Charged Room

Annastina Malm, Mezzo/ Throat for iPhone

Maria Sanner, Alto/ Virtual Viola da Gamba and Throat III

Carl Unander-Scharin, Tenor/ Vocal Chorder

Alexandra Zetterström Büchel, Soprano/ Charged Room