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Carl Unander Scharin Tenor
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•On the subject of dynamics, I think the singer does superbly - especially on the softer side. Whatever the singer's fach may be (leggiero?), it seems to fit the piece very well. All in all, a beautiful voice. 

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I´ll tell you a bit about him. He is a Swede. But actually more famous for his own operas. (tenor-composer. A bit unsual.) His "King of Fools" is a Great opera. Recorded on CD with Anna Larsson singing the psychotherapist. Which I as a CD-critic (am not anymore) gave a very good review. And got a letter of thanks by the composer!
Such a fine voice, and so much subtlety of emotional expression. I could listen to this man sing all day • ‬‬
Nice rendition of a gentle song. Just a bit forceful at 1.40 ,3.38,4.10,but bloody lovely all the same. • ‬‬
Excellent interpretation.
Thanks for posting.
Svara · 
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Many of even the greats sing the words not sing the feelings, this fellow does, nice version •‬‬
Very nice voice quality; Quite elegant as well.
Very enjoyble piece that is not performed too often; Thanks for posting it.
Why have I never heard of this guy? What a beautiful voice!!!!!!!!!...‬