Ombra mai Fu - interactive installation

OMBRA MAI FÙ This sensual tree, built of copper, reacts on the closeness of the audience. When the audience approach, the tree performs the Largo by Handel with its trembling loudspeaker-leafs. In this aria, Xerxes gives voice to his love for a tree that allows him to seek refuge in its shadow. Through the stem of the copper-tree, wires are led from the base to brass-leaves that tremble by the sound waves. Two sensors are placed on the stem, and through the computers and circuit cards placed in the root system they transform the movements of the audience to music, wind and light. Idea and intonation: Åsa and Carl Unander-Scharin Construction of the copper tree, and technician: Petra Kiiskinen Aria: Georg Friederich Handel (from Xerxes, 1738) Remix, song, electronics, programming: Carl Unander-Scharin Idea- and electronics consulting: Magnus Lundin Light design: Anders Larsson World premiere during the inauguration of Piteå Acusticum in 2007. Has been exhibited in the foyer of GöteborgsOperan. Scen- och Sinnesproduktion, with support from The Swedish Arts Council and The Swedish Arts Grants committee.