Sing the Body electric! & Electric Body Songs





Sing the body Electric! is new work that celebrates the human capacity to change her conditions and envision a new world with poetry and music. In seven embodied songs, four opera-singers perform new music with custom- built technology in a space charged with voices and with musical wires strung from floor to ceiling.

The work is a cross-over between opera, oratorio and choreography - where movement of bodies creates music, sound, space and visual scenography.

-Energy is Eternal Delight! - the words by 18c poet William Blake are sung in KTH ́s abandoned reactor hall R1, and are given new artistic interpretation in our environmentally vulnerable and technologically conditioned age.


This is a new work developed at the University College of Opera in Stockholm by Carl Unander- Scharin and Åsa Unander-Scharin in close cooperation with the students at the Extended Opera Course and Ludvig Elblaus. The work is an embodied opera, a corporatorio, where music, voice, body, movement and space concur in the performance.

Textbook based on texts by: Albert Einstein The world as I see it, Walt Whitman’s I Sing the body Electric! and poems by William Blake
Singers: Lisa Gustafsson, soprano, Alexandra Zetterström Büchel, soprano, Maria Sanner Konvicka, alt, Staffan Liljas, bass baritone (students from Extended Opera/ University College of Opera in Stockholm)

Emerging technologies, developed for and through the operatic artwork (Throat IV, the ScenOchSinneSensor, The Midi-Harp, The Virtual Viola da Gamba, and The Charged Room) Music and textual compilation: Carl Unander-Scharin
Stage direction: Åsa Unander-Scharin

Technology development: Ludvig Elblaus, Carl UnanderScharin, Åsa UnanderScharin
Costume: Mats Lindberg
Set designer: Martin Hamberg (student at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts)
Light and videodesign: Elin Holmberg Klasén och Martin Hamberg ((student at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts)

Were: The Reactor Hall R1, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.
When: May 30 at 18.00, May 31 at 18.00, June 1 at 14.00 and 18.00, June 2 at 14.00 Admission free, book your ticket at:

Sing the Body Electric! is also shown at the Biennial in Jönköping May 23-24 and on tour to South Africa June 13- 15.