Apostlagärning/ Deeds

Oratorio in four parts and one ouverture (55´)
First performed may 16, 2004, then performed may 17, 18 and 19. Recorded by The Swedish Broadcasting corporation, SR.
Commissioned by St. Johannes´s parish in Stockholm, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the smaller church Stefanskyrkan.
• Deeds/ Apostlagärning was selected by the board for sacred music of the Swedish Church, to represent sacred writing in contemporary music.
• Deeds/ Apostlagärning was encored in september/ october 2006.
There are two settings of Deeds/ Apostlagärning:

A: For Recorder/Violin/Viola/Viola da Gamba/ Percussion/ Keyboards (organ, harpsichord, grand piano)
B: For Stringquintett and organ

Audio Samples
Cast in first performance
Conductor: Johan Hammarström
Evangelist: Mikael Bellini
Jesus: Karl Rombo
Stefanos: Olof Lilja
Jesajas: Sami Yousri
Violin: Eva Lindahl
Recorders: Kerstin Frödin
Violia: Monica Karlén
Viola da Gamba: Keren Bruce
Bass-Trombone: Jesper Atterling
Percussion: Erik Lång
Keyboards: Max Lörstad
S:t Johannes Chamberchoir and Children´s Choir


Pressklipp (in Swedish)


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